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Collection of Acting And Actor quotations of great authors and writers and Quotations about Acting And Actor

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"You are not in business to be popular."
 Author : Kirstie Alley
"We become actors without realizing it, and actors without wanting to."
 Author : Henri Frederic Amiel
"The actors today really need the whip hand. They're so lazy. They haven't got the sense of pride in their profession that the less socially elevated musical comedy and music hall people or acrobats have. The theater has never been any good since the actors became gentlemen."
 Author : W. H. Auden
"I don't get acting jobs because of my looks."
 Author : Alec Baldwin
"Acting is a matter of giving away secrets."
 Author : Ellen Barkin
"For an actress to be a success, she must have the face of Venus, the brains of a Minerva, the grace of Terpsichore, the memory of a Macaulay, the figure of Juno, and the hide of a rhinoceros."
 Author : Ethel Barrymore
"The face of Garbo is an Idea, that of Hepburn an Event."
 Author : Roland Barthes
"For the theatre one needs long arms; it is better to have them too long than too short. An artiste with short arms can never, never make a fine gesture."
 Author : Sarah Bernhardt
"Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It's a bum's life. The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis."
 Author : Marlon Brando
"To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication."
 Author : Marlon Brando
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