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Collection of Peace quotations of great authors and writers and Quotations about Peace

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"When the soul is naughted and transformed, then of herself she neither works nor speaks nor wills, nor feels nor hears nor understands; neither has she of herself the feeling of outward or inward, where she may move. And in all things it is God who rules and guides her, without the meditation of any creature.... And she is so full of peace that thought she pressed her flesh, her nerves, her bones, no other thing come forth from them than peace."
 Author : St. Catherine of Genoa
"There is no shadow of protection to be had by sheltering behind the slender stockades of visionary speculation, or by hiding behind the wagon-wheels of pacific theories."
 Author : Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
"I prefer the most unfair peace to the most righteous war."
 Author : Marcus T. Cicero
"The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity."
 Author : Grover Cleveland
"What all men are really after is some form, or perhaps only some formula, of peace."
 Author : Joseph Conrad
"Peace is produced by war."
 Author : Pierre Corneille
"If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies."
 Author : Moshe Dayan
"That doctrine of peace at any price has done more mischief than any I can well recall that have been afloat in this country. It has occasioned more wars than any of the most ruthless conquerors. It has disturbed and nearly destroyed that political equilibrium so necessary to the liberties and the welfare of the world."
 Author : Benjamin Disraeli
"A peace that depends on fear is nothing but a suppressed war."
 Author : Henry Van Dyke
"Every kind of peaceful cooperation among men is primarily based on mutual trust and only secondarily on institutions such as courts of justice and police."
 Author : Albert Einstein
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